Date Event Details Times
January 12 Annual General Business Meeting 7:30pm
January 17-18 Prophetic Release 7:30am | 6:30pm | 7:30pm
January 31 Mission Sunday 7:30am
February 7 Superbowl Sunday 7:30am
February 28 Black History Month Observance 7:30am
March 28 Palm Sunday Celebration 7:30am
April 4 Easter Sunday Celebration 7:30am
May 9 Special Mother’s Day Observance 7:30am
May 18 Bishop Dr. Kevin Chantilou’s Birthday  
May 23 Pentecost Sunday Celebration 7:30am
May 30 Mission Sunday 7:30am
June 20 Special Father’s Day Observance 7:30am
August 8 Academia Sunday 7:30am
August 29 Mission Sunday 7:30am
September 14-15

Solemn Assembly
Focus - Atonement

September 19 National Back to Church Sunday
Focus - Stronger Together
October 2-3 11th Church Anniversary Celebration 6:30pm/7:30am/6:30pm
October 7 Elect Lady Kesha Chantilou’s Birthday  
October 17 Breast Cancer Awareness Observance 7:30am
October 31 Mission Sunday 7:30am
November 7 Annual Shepherd’s Day Celebration  
December 26 Christmas Sunday Celebration 7:30am
December 31 New Year’s Eve Celebration 6:30pm - 9:30pm

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